Friday, June 17, 2016

Paper Box Retro paper gift bag

  I am taking a short break from the Graphic 45 papers to show you the new papers in the Fruit Pixie shop from Paper Box. The first set I have to show you is the Kraft Paper Retro. It's 12x12 and 130gsm so it folds and cuts beautifully. It is printed on one side but because it is printed on Kraft paper you also have the plain Kraft on the other side, so all the off cuts can be used on other projects. I have used the pink but it also comes in brown, yellow, evergreen, leaf green and orange.

I used my Silhouette Cameo electric cutting machine to cut out my gift bag and tag shape and it cut beautifully. Try it in your die cutting machines too.

It has a lovely Art Neuvo inspired pattern on it and as its a fairly simple print it gives you lots of scope to add your glitters or use your glitter pens. I have just coloured in the flower center on the front of my bag with my clear glitter pen.

My tag was cut from the left over paper and then I cut out the flower and applied it to the top. As the paper is the same coloue it just blends in.

I was really happy how these papers held the shape of the bag and as I said before cut beautifully. Do have a look at them, there are other designs in the collection and I will be focusing on the other designs shortly.

You can find the Paper Box Kraft papers in the shop here -

Friday, June 10, 2016

Graphic 45 Enchanted Forest Princess matchbox

  At the moment I am working with the Graphic 45 Enchanted Forest papers as a designer for The Fruit Pixie and really enjoying them. For my last post I showed you a super cute Fairy matchbox. Well I couldn't just make one, they are such fun to make and the papers have so many lovely characters to cut out and use I had to make a second one.

   This time I went for the Princesses.

Now, I made my base matchbox using my Silhouette cameo electronic die cutting machine but there are a lot of free templates available on the internet to use. I made my base in kraft card and then covered the cover of the matchbox in one of the pretty papers in the 8x8 paper pad. 

I then cut out one of the panels from one of the papers, I chose a Princess one this time, and stuck it to the top of the base part of the matchbox.

Then I  put the drawer of the matchbox together and covered one end with another of the papers. There are lots of details among the paper designs that are perfect to cut out and use as embellishments, like this roundel.

To make this embellishment I punched out the design using circle punch and then punched a piece of the scrap kraft card to back. I did that because I wanted to use some Glossy Accents over the top and I find when you do that to small pieces they can curl if they are too thin. I used the crackle Glossy Accents but you can get the same look with the regular Glossy Accents. 

If you want the cracked look but haven't got the crackle Glossy Accents then just use the regular one thickly. leave to thoroughly dry and then just bend it and you will find it will snap and crack. I has to be applied thickly though.

For the inside of the drawer I started by covering the sides with pieces of the papers from the pad to make it look like a room in the castle. I then made the bunting with the sweet little flags that cover another one of the papers. I cut them out and glued them to some bakers twine and hung them across the back of the room.

We then needed Princesses to live in our castle, so I chose two of the princesses from the page full of characters and cut them out. The larger of the Princesses I added 3 layers of 3D foam to her back and then stuck her to the back of the drawer. The smaller one I added 2 layers of 3D foam and also stuck her to the back of the box.

All it needed then was to pick out some highlights with my trusty clear glitter pen and my mini scene was finished.

I have had such fun with these two projects.To find the other matchbox I made, just go back a post and you will find it there.

The Graphic 45 Enchanted Forest paper and many other wonderful things, can be found here in the Fruit Pixie shop -

Friday, June 03, 2016

Enchanted Forest fairy matchbox

   I must admit I do love to work on 3D projects, and will save any little container I can paint or cover in any way. My new thing is matchboxes. I love all the little scenes people make in these little boxes, great fun!  So when I saw the lovely little people that cover one of the papers in the 8x8 Enchanted Forest paper pad by Graphic 45 I new what I wanted to do with them...........they were destine to live in a  matchbox!

    I made my matchboxes using my Silhouette Cameo electronic cutting machine but there are lots of free templates available online and as they are all straight lines, simple to cut and make up.

   The first one I want to show you is my I believe in Fairies matchbox

I made my matchbox base in craft card and then used a piece of the black diamond paper to cover all the sides of the matchbox cover leaving a thin margin of the base card to show. I then chose one of the lovely panels from another paper, the I believe in Fairies one, and attached that to the top of the matchbox.  Using a clear glitter pen I traced over some of the highlights to add a little sparkle.

For the end of the matchbox drawer I cut out one of the little roundels from one of the papers and then used one of my own brads.

The inside of the drawer I covered with the red script paper, picking out the Once Upon a time for the back. I then cut out a couple of the fairies from the page full of fairies and princesses. The main fairy I raised up on 3D foam but the small one I stuck flat on the back. The happy ever after is a small piece of the word strips also on one of the papers.

Then all you have left to do is place the drawer inside the cover and your little matchbox is finished

So that is my first matchbox I have to show you, the second one I will show you in my next post. So watch this space!!

You can find the paper in The Fruit Pixie shop here -

Saturday, May 28, 2016

  I am still spellbound by the Graphic 45 Enchanted Forest papers that you can find in the shop ( link will be at the bottom of the post )  I have been working with Graphic 45 papers ever since they started but one thing I have noticed that is new and such a good idea is the templates they now include on the covers of their 8x8 paper pads.

                     Here they are. Excuse the dark pictures, it was such a dull day, but you get the idea.

As you can see you get all sorts of tags and a wonderful pillow box. These are great because you have the beautifully printed card on the other side and as it is the cover of the paper pad it is perfect for them.

So I thought I would make the pillow box up for you to show you how it looks. Of course the savvy crafter would  make a template from them too!

  All I did was take the cover with the pillow box printed onto it and cut it out along the solid lines. You then need to crease the dotted lines. The easiest way to do this is to find something soft, like an old fashion mouse mat or just a few pieces of scrap paper and then using a bone folder or the end of the handle of a spoon draw along the dotted lines. You can use a ruler to guide your scoring for the straight bit but for the curves you have to do it freehand.

Apply wet glue to the straight flap and stick it to the straight side on the other side, allow to dry. You will then find your flaps at either ends will fold down beautifully to close the box and give it its shape.

Of course you then need to decorate your lovely pillow box now. I chose a panel from the paper pad and cut a couple of swirls, also from the paper pad, using the Sue Wilson splendid swirls.

I also cut out one of the tags and just decorated it with a couple of the cute little stamps that are also in the paper pad.

The Graphic 45 Enchanted Forest is a really beautiful collection and the addition of all these templates just gives you somewhere to start.

You can find the Enchanted Forest Collection papers in The Fruit Pixie online shop here -

The Sue Wilson Splendid Swirls dies here -

Payper Box bone folder -

Friday, May 20, 2016

Graphic 45 Enchanted Forest Fairy Tower

     At the moment I am working with the Graphic 45 Enchanted Forest papers for the Fruit Pixie, a wonderful online shop who I design for.
     Now, I was playing with these papers at my last crop and a lot of my crafty friends, although they love Graphic 45, said they found then difficult to use because they were too nice and didn't want to spoil them. I have herd many people say this and even felt it myself, but if you keep them in a draw and look at them now and again, where is the real pleasure in that? But if you jump in and make something with them, cut them up and make a beautiful project, you then have had the pleasure of making something and then you can then either use it, looking at it or giving it to someone. Now I think that is far better then having a cupboard full of paper isn't it?

    So with that in mind, here is my first project using these wonderful papers.

  When I first looked through the 12x12 papers and paper pad the first thing that I wanted to make to make a fairy tower. The closest thing I could find was a chess piece made using my Silhouette Cameo.

I increased the size of the tower slightly and cut the pieces out on my machine in craft card. I then used the different elements in the 8x8 paper pack to decorate my tower.

Of course the tower had to have a flag. So I cut down a bamboo skewer and using a die and my die cutting machine cut out a flag from one of the pattern papers.

One of the papers has rows and rows of these wonderful flags. I cut some of them out and glued them to some bakers twine.

There are plenty of boarders and word strips within the patterned papers to cut out and use to decorate your projects.

For the main body of the tower I used the script paper.

Then the base was also decorated with patterned paper and boarders to finish the tower off.

The project all came together so easily as these papers are just so nice to work with. 

I think my Fairy Tower looks right at home among the primroses in our garden don't you ?

Do give these papers a go, there are endless projects you can make with them. I will be showing you a few over the next few blog posts.

you can find the papers in The Fruit Pixie shop here -

the bakers twine here -


Friday, May 13, 2016

Butterfly shadow box

Here is my last project using the Craftwork cards Time Flies kit I have designed for the Fruit Pixie. This time I have made something that would make a lovely gift or just something for the home, a shadow box.

I made the shadow box using my Silhouette Cameo  electronic cutting machine but you can buy wooden ones online and on the high street fairly cheaply.

I used 2 different papers for the background, edging the second one with ink to match the butterflies.I also covered the frame with strips of the book script paper from the kit.

For the butterflies I popped them out of the die cut sheet and using a quicky glue pen drew a line just inside each butterfly and covered it in the Cosmic Shimmer polished silk glitter. I also added tiny gems from my goodies to the centre of some of them.

I folded the butterflies down the centre attached them to the background using a wet glue.

I then stamped Live your dreams by Visible Image in a purple ink onto the same paper as the background and cut them out. Then when I glued them to the background it looked as if I had stamped them straight onto the background.

So there we have it all done!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I have done with this kit, there is still so much you could do but so much wonderful stuff to play with............

You can find these products in the Fruit Pixie online shop

Craftwork cards Time Flies paper kit here -

Cosmic Shimmer glitter here -

Live your dreams stamp here -

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Learning English Paper Piecing

I have started to teach myself English Paper Piecing patchwork ( EPP). I have made 2 quilts the modern way, using a sewing machine to sew the pieces together but decided the bit I enjoyed the most was the hand sewing. So I thought I would give this a try, it's the old fashion way to patchwork using paper pieces to shape your fabric and then hand stitch the pieces together.

  I treated myself to 2 wonderful books that I really recommend

This book takes you through every shape you will need to EPP with and how to stitch with them.

This book also explains very clearly how to EPP and also gives you projects to try too with instructions and patterns.

They both have wonderful instructions, photos and ideas. They have both been my constant companions.

For my first project I made the little pouch from the Quilting on the go book.

I love it it is so sweet and useful too and it was very easy to make. 

A few things I have found from a papercrafters point of view that has really helped.

1. I used my dies and die cutting machine to cut the paper pieces for my project. You could also cut the fabric but I only had a cheaper set of dies which was fine for paper and card but not fabric. I have now upgraded my hexes set.

2. Great way to use up all those off cuts of card we all have too.

3. I also used my Silhouette Cameo to cut my pieces for my latest project. You can import Jpeg and size and cut extremely accurately in large numbers quickly.

This is such a nice hobby to sit and do out and about or in front of the TV. So far I have stitched on the bus, in parks in Vienna ( I made a cushion cover while on holiday, more about that in another post) at my parents house, in the garden sat in the sun and in the evening in front of the TV.

I think I have found another love! Why not try it too?