Thursday, April 20, 2017

Penny slider congrats on passing your driving test card

My youngest nephew passed his driving test first time a couple of days ago and so, of course I had to make him a card to congratulate him! 
I had the card and topper from a Hunkedory card set called Milestones but I wanted something a bit more dinamic than that. When I noticed the little car die cut on the topper sheet I knew what I wanted to do. A penny slider card so the little car rolls and spins around the road.
  The penny slider part of the card and base can be found in the Silhouette design store to be cut out on my Sillhouette cameo.    These cards are such fun to make and everybody loves them!  

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Easter tree time

Each year I like to,have an Easter tree. Hubby cuts me some blossom branches and I decorate them. Some of the decorations I have made other bought, usually in sales.      Here is this years, the branches are from the apple tree as the cherry is in full flower at the moment so not good to cut.
 I made some new decorations this year. The bunnies, carrots and eggs which I cut on my Silhouette Cameo.
We went out to lunch today with hubbies family and so I gave the ladies the Easter baskets with a little egg and for the gentlemen I made these little treat holders for their eggs.
Our great nephew is too small for chocolate but I couldn't leave him out so I made him a soc bunny
Have a wonderful Easter x

Friday, April 14, 2017

Spring 3d tulips

  We have had some beautiful spring weather here in the southwest of England and all the spring flowers look beautiful in the sunshine. They have inspired me to make my own spring tulips using the Paperartsy Tulip die set and matching Paperartsy stamps which are available at The Fruit Pixie online shop and are a bargain at the moment as they are half price!  
I made a pot for my tulips on my Silhouette Cameo die cutting machine but a real pot would be even better. My hubby is a very keen gardener so all pots were taken!!
The tulips are very easy to make! First I chose my coloured cardstock and found two different shades of each colour. 
The stamp set has two different styles of Tulip and each Tulip has three sections. I chose the style that has a outside line to the design. I stamped each stamp in that set three times and then die cut them all out using the corresponding die. You will find it easier if you stamp first and the use a piece of low tack tape (or tape you have de tacked by sticking it to your cloths a couple of times ) to hold the die in the right place before you run it through your machine.  If you don't own a die cutting machine then you can just cut them out by hand but with the dies you get the same shape each time.
Fold each layer of Tulip in half from left to right. The tulips are not symmetrical so they won't meet up perfectly but this doesn't really show when the Tulip is finished.
Then stick the two layers of each flower on top of each other so the folds are in the same place. For the third layer I only stuck the bottom half down so I could curl it over when my Tulip was finished.
You now need to make the stem. This needs to support the Tulip so I used a bamboo skewers. I used some green Washi  tape to cover the skewer and make them more stem like.
Now take one of your tulips and stick its petal to the second Tulips petal. Take your stem and stick it on the inside of the Tulip along the line of the petals you glued together. 
Then stick the third petal over the top and stick all the petals together giving you a 3d Tulip as in the photo. You might need to use a couple of pegs to hold the petals together while they stick. I used a normal PVA white glue and had not trouble getting them to stick. Once they are dry curl the top petal over as shown on the photo.
For the leaves I used the same stamp and die as the last layer of the flower but stamped it onto green card. I then stuck it together with the stem in between.
The little flag was simply made by cutting a strip of paper into a long thin rectangle, folding it around the wooden support (that came from a pot of hyacinths we bought, it held the variety and price attached to it. It was just the job so I saved it as I liked the shape) I wrote spring in green pen and then stuck it around the little post and tied some garden string to the top. You could use another bamboo skewer for this.
To get them all to stand up was a bit of a battle. In the end I used Blutack at the bottom of the pot and pushed the end of my skewers into it. I then scrunched up some old tissue paper to support the skewers and fill the pot. I then could just cover top of the pot with dried moss it give it a realistic look.
This is such a nice bright cheerful project which would make a lovely gift or as I have done with mine, something for your own home. They need no light or water so can go anywhere. Mine are in the hall to welcome you home. They are also perfect for anyone who is in hospital too.
If you would like to make your own tulips you will need-
Paperartsy Tulip stamps 50% off at the mo!
Paperartsy matching die set also 50% off
Cardstock -
Washi tape -
Have fun making your Tulips and have a very happy Easter!

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Collage sheet Easter baskets

I thought I would show you the Easter baskets I made for Tangie Baxter and Co. I am part of their creative crew and made these for an Easter blog post. They were made using 3 of her digital collage sheets that I printed out onto printable card and then made up into these baskets large enough for a Cadbury cream egg, my favourite!  
If you would like to see my post with full photo instructions on how to make these cute baskets then visit the Tangi Baxter and Co blog -

Saturday, April 08, 2017

 I have a really cute fun Easter treat box idea that will put a smile on anyone's face, that I made for The Fruit Pixie

   I made these using the Graphic 45 Bohemain Bazzar papers but any orange paper or card will do as well.

  All you need to do is cut a rectangle of your carrot paper, mine was 5.5" x 6",  roll them into a tube and stick the seam down using red line tape. I then sealed one end horizontally.

   Cut a rectangle of green paper and feather cut it to make it look like carrot tops. I also put mine through a paper ribber as I found mine the other day at the back of a drawer. I then folder my carrot tops in half to make them look thicker.

  Fill your carrot with Easter treats and seal the other end encasing the carrot tops, this time vertically.

                       So there you are a cut fun way to give your loved ones a sweet treat this Easter.