Thursday, February 01, 2007

Home sweet home

Instead of a Christmas card for Andrew this year I used an idea I found in a back copy of Somerset Studio and created a little Christmas collage that he could hang up as a Christmas decoration. I enjoyed making it so much I made one for myself and then wanted to work on a larger size, the Christmas ones were only 4x4 inches, and different shape and so came up with this one which can hang in my craft room all year.

I cut a piece of grey board and then collaged book pages over the surface and painted using scraps of paper cut out the shapes needed for the house and ground, printed and antiqued the words using distressing ink then finished it off with a button cat and flower, added the wire ribbons and metal hearts to give it a folky look


Sally said...

this is lovely Katrina :)
very country looking

Katrina said...

thanks Sally, I just love doing things with mountboard at the moment

Sally said...

its' so nice to see more of your art, not only on your blog but on AN too :)