Friday, October 05, 2007

Holiday journal

When ever we go on holiday I like to keep a diary.Helps us when we have to put all the photos in order ! So here is the one I made this June for our holiday in Filtmoos, Austria. Had a bit of a fest with my 12 inch long dies for my cutter. We had a great holiday, walked almost every day and had fantastic weather, except for the thunderstorms.Would you believe I had bruises from the hailstones when we got caught in one storm !!

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Silver Thistle said...

This is so fantastic Katrina! How lovely for a holiday journal.

You've got some fantastic projects here and I especially love the little spooky atc's and the new tryptich :)

I had a bit of bother trying to comment but I managed to get a sign in.....obviously, lol