Thursday, January 24, 2008

The second item I had had trouble getting a decent photo of was my Family Triptych. I have a beautiful old Bible album full of photographs of my ancestors, trouble is no one knows who they are, just that they are on my Mums side of the family.I just love all the photos in there but chose 3 of my favourite to use in this Triptych. First I copied and printed off the photos onto good quality poster paper, not photo paper as I find that too thick. then painted the plain white triptych to match the paper I had chosen and decorated it front and back using foam stamps. Once I had stuck the photos in I then coated them in Tea dye varnish as I found them too fresh and new looking. Finishing off with few embellishments and words.


Boo said...

Oh WOW that's stunning work Katrina. It doesn't matter you don't know who they are, at least you know they are part of your family which is great. Hoping to see this in real life soon. :D

Sally said...

i'm loving all your latest creations, especially this one :) what a great way to display those found family photos.