Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Pollys adventure

I stumbled across a great challenge site the other day- The Awfully big art adventure - this months challenge was to make a story in a box. As you know I love paper dolls and had had this idea for ages to have a paper doll who goes off on those beautiful traveling adventures of the early 1900's. Well meet Polly who is doing just that, in fact by the look of her trunk she has already been on a lot of great trips!
I had such fun with this, thank you Blue Peter of the 1070's and all the doll house makes you did, it helped a lot. I think I would of got it finished in half the time if I had not played with it so much along the way but then again I am still just a little girl inside!!


Rosie said...

Katrina this is SUCH fun! What a brilliant idea for our telling a story challenge. How big is it? Absolutely super work and we're so glad you took part in our challenge!
Rosie ABAA

Rosie said...

PS I liked your piece so much I've put it on the challenge blog! Hope it brings lots of visitors.

Linda Vincent said...

What a fab idea Katrina...very impressive indeed! There are so many things to look at; I love it.
Thank you for joining in the fun...
Linda x

My Creative House said...

Wow your Story in a box is so wonderful, love your old paper doll she is a very well-traveled lady I can see.

Katrina said...

Thanks for your kind comments, the suitcase is 19cm x 13cm, all made of card.

Lori Saul said...

Fabulous creation with so much love and expression- wonderfully playful and beautifully made!

Gini said...

Lovely story in a box Katrina!
Looking at all her lovely dresses I suddenly realised how many suitcases would be needed to take just five changes of outfit, when you have to wear so much material in one outfit. No backpacking for Polly then!
Hope she sends you a postcard.
I thought we probably were a similar age, what with watching the same Blue Peter shows, until I noticed that you were 253!
I hope I am still crafting at your age ;-)
Happy Crafting Katrina!
Gini xx

Kristin said...

This is so clever! I love your work! Kristin :)

Mollye said...

Love it, love it. So fun and playful. You did a bang up job. I love paper dolls too and there is a blog called The Artful Paperdoll and if you're not familiar with it, you will find some funky and cute ones. Take care! Mollye