Tuesday, September 27, 2011

spooky book swap

I have taken part in a spooky book swap on Art 42. The book is 8x8 and had to be made to a spooky theme, so I chose to do a family spell book that has been handed down through the family from witch to witch. Hoskin is an old Cornish family name chose at random.


Community Lutheran Church said...

LOVE the book! What do you attach the paper to the chipboard with? I'm thinking some type of glue?

Katrina said...

I usually use PVA glue on just about everything. If it is a large page then I also put double sided and then a wet glue around the edges so it sticks properly. You do have to be careful with double sided though, there is no second chance!! So glad you liked my book, I had such fun making it.