Thursday, July 12, 2012

Olympic record book

Now for all those who are visiting from another planet you might not know the Olympics are only a few weeks away now. I must admit to say I am not that bothered about sport is an understatement, except downhill skiing of course, but I am trying to get into the Olympic spirit. One big problem with getting into a crafting Olympic spirit is the very strict and over the top copyright that is on absolutely everything you could possibly think of to do with the Olympics but as this is NOT for sale and is just to give the lovely customers of The Fruit Pixie an idea of the sort of thing they can do, I hope I am OK.
  So here is my Olympic record book for the 2012 Olympics. It was made from a bare chipboard tab album and used the Ruby Rock it Vintedge collection paper pack all available from the Fruit Pixie. For full instructions go to the Fruit Pixie blog and Facebook page.

  The plan is to write down the main medals, there are so many sports, on the Gold, silver and bronze pages

  Then a pocket at the back to store any keepsakes I pick up along the way. If you are going to watch a sport at the Olympics why not use this as your diary of the big day.

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