Thursday, July 31, 2014

Minecraft crafting

Last weekend it was my teenage nephews and his cousins birthday, so double nightmare to make cards for! Luckily though they both play  Minecraft . Now I have no idea or should say had no idea about what that was but after a few days looking at the images and finding some wonderful free printables I do now. I ended up making 2 cards, 2 models with boxes and 2 printable shrink plastic phone charms, not bad !

   I found loads of amazing free printables
                         I used this site- for the models

for their boxes I covered them using the very cleaver idea from this website -  but used the strips to decorate the box instead.

I also used some printable shrink plastic to make these phone charms using the same printables

These are my cards I made too. All using squares of coloured cardstock.

They both really liked them and couldn't believe I had made them.


Squirrel said...

These are brilliant!

Katrina said...

Thank you Squirrel x