Monday, August 11, 2014

Spellbinders Bird stand die Zipped purse

As soon as I saw this Bird stand die from Spellbinders at The Fruit Pixie it went straight into my basket! I love stags and I try and bring one back from Austria each time we go, ( I now have an image of me leading a stag through airport security hoping they wont notice!! )  So I had to do something Austrian inspired with my new stag die!

     I chose a sewing project, I am loving my sewing and even used some of the braid I bought in Austria 20 years ago!!

I cut the stag head out of felt with heat and bond on the back and then ironed it onto a die cut felt heart.

I then made up the purse that has a definite Austrian influence!

The Spellbinders die Bird stand is available at the fruit pixie -

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