Sunday, September 07, 2014

Decorations for Owl class

My sister is a teaching assistant in the infant school where we both went to school. They give animal names to their classes and for the past couple of years she has been working in Owl class. I have made some decorations over the past couple of years but this year she needed a new welcome sign for the door, so here is what I made for them.

The background I sprayed with home made acrylic spray paint and then the rest was cut on my Cricut Expression 2

I also made them an owl shaped blackboard using box card and blackboard vinyl

I hope Owl class liked them!


Lisca said...

That's brilliant Katrina! I'm sure the children will love the owl sign!
I like that blackboard. How big is it? Will it be hung on the door?

Katrina said...

Thanks Lisca, the blackboard is just under A4 so it is big enough to hand on the door. Teresa thought it would be fun to use it when they have to remember to bring things to school the next day.