Tuesday, February 17, 2015

4x4 Book swap

Last month I took part in a 4x4 book swap on Facebook. Well I say swap, unfortunately the person who should of sent me a book never got in contact so I ended up empty handed. That is the way swaps go sometimes and I was disappointed but I enjoyed making my book , don't think I will take part in further swaps with that particular group again though, shame.

       So here is the book I made and sent over to the U.S.A. I made the book itself on my Sillhouette and then collaged it using images and papers from Tumblefish Studios.

I am not sure it was my partners cup of tea but I liked it!
Chalk this one up to experience I think :)


Lisca said...

Oh what a shame! Breakdown in communication? or just bad organisation?
Anyway the person who receives your book is a very lucky girl. Your book is great! I love the vintage ephemera with a steampunky feel to it.

Katrina said...

Unfortunately just bad organisation, instead of swapping with one partner it was a different person you sent too than you received from, if you know what I mean, which I dont think works as well. The girl I should of received my book from just never got in touch and when I contacted the organiser she just wasn't interested, which is sad. Glad you like it though Lisca, like I said I don't think my partner did though, she couldn't even be bothered to let me know it had arrived, I had to ask her. That is usually just good manners in a organised swap but you live and learn!

Sandi said...

Kartrina, what a treasure someone received, great job, hugs