Sunday, March 15, 2015

Create on the move - busy bags!!

 As a certified craft addict I just HAVE to take things to do with me when I go on holiday, I might not get time to do anything but I would go dolally if I had to go a whole week without my creative bits and bobs being to hand. I have tried and made all sorts of things to put them before I pack them in the case but I think I have found the best one yet, plus it was great fun to make too!!

  I spotted on Pinterest something called a busy bag, a bag to put toys and things in to take with you to keep the children quiet.So I thought why should children have all the fun and adapted it to suit my crafty needs.You could use this not only to take things away with you but for classes or just to move things around the house.

The outer part of the bag is padded with quilt wadding to protect the things inside and has a closure with Velcro so you can alter the thickness of your bag.

On the inside of the front flap I added some pen pockets.

The lining of the bag was cut in half and 4 thick sealable bags were sewn in to make pockets to store anything in really. The reason I like this is they are plastic so waterproof so if anything dose leak in transit it is contained in the bag. It means also you can have a bag for paper crafting and another for your stitching, they will all be safe and kept seperate. Also when they do eventually wear out they can be replaced by stitching in another bag. 

The bags I used are fantastic thick plastic bags the Fruit Pixie sends your order in, They are the best sealable bags I have ever come accross!

On the back part of the bag I also added another pocket with a velcro fastening, thought this would be good to store my art journal

So there it is my new creative busy bag! I have a holiday coming up so I cant wait to pack it and give it a go.

I made this one for my crafty friend Sue for her birthday. I used slightly smaller bags from the supermarket for this one, so you can make them any size you like. 

Of course you could make a busy bag for anything you want to. I am sure you can think of lots of ways it can be useful to you.

If you have any questions about my bag feel free to ask

The things stored in my busy bag photos and the bags used are from The Fruit Pixie online shop - 

The bags I used will sometimes come with your order in from the Fruit Pixie.

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