Saturday, December 12, 2015

Candle Jars

 One thing that is a must have a Christmas for me is candles. I love their soft glow. I also have a thing for nice shapes jars, don't ask me why but I just can't seam to recycle a nice jar. So I decide to use the lovely Craft Consortium tissue available from the Fruit Pixie to decorate a couple of my jars and make candle jars.

         The Tissue cuts like a dream in your die cutting machine or you could cut the shapes out free hand too.

This one is a Christmas themed jar. I cut a strip of the Craft Consortium distressed wood 2 tissue that was deep enough to cover my jar and then cut it to the right length. Using my dies I cut a reindeer with a tree either side. I then applied PVA glue to the jar and gently placed the tissue onto the jar and smoothed it down. Make sure it is all stuck down well and leave to dry.
I finished the jar off with a bow of the snowflake twill and a snowflake charm from my collection.  

For this jar I cut a strip of the Craft Consortium tissue in the same way as the Christmas jar and then just cut a single star in the centre of the strip using a die. I then applied PVA to the jar and gently smoothed the tissue onto the jar.
To finish the Star Jar I used some hemp garden string and added a couple of charms too.

There are so many ways you could decorate these jars and they would make lovely handmade gifts too. There are some beautiful Christmas Craft Consortium tissue in the shop now too.

You can find the Craft Consortium tissue here - 
Snowflake twill here -
The Tre'penny charm here -

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