Thursday, March 30, 2017

Nephew birthday card and fun gift

The end of March beginning of April is a busy crafting time for me. Last weekend was my Nephews birthday and Mother's Day. Then this weekend it is my brother- in-law's birthday and mine too. So as you can imagin I had lots of things to make.     My nephew was 20 (I can't begin to tell you how old that makes me feel!!) and has a job with a desk. He had mentioned to my sister, his Mum, that he would like a plant to go on it, trouble was a) it would get hardly any light and b) he would never remember to water it. So a cactus was decided upon.       I hate shopping because I always want something that is never in any of the shops available to me as a non driver. So of course there was not a cactus to be had. Luckily though I'm a Crafter! So I just made one!!  
 These are such fun. I made 2 because I couldn't decide which one to make. They were perfect and looked so real with the moss around the top. He absolutely loved them too.
You can buy the file for them in the Silhouette design store.
 I also made him his birthday card. He is quite a keen photographer so I made him this retro camera card.
For my brother-in -Law, who is a very keen cyclists I made this card.
Thank goodness it wasn't Easter as well!!

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