Sunday, July 01, 2018

Decopatch Hare

I found this wonderful plastic Hare in the pound shop, he was originally painted bronze and looked really convincing from afar but with a little bit of crafting magic the looked even better!

I covered him with the Craft Consortium English Garden decoupage papers available from The Fruit Pixie -

The way you work with these papers is to tear them into pieces and then using a wet glue that dries clear, like the IndigoBlu Slap it on glue here-

Glue the torn pieces to your project, also covering the surface of the paper as you go.

To finish my hare off I used a brown pastel pencil to add some shadows and then rubbed in a pearl paint to seal in the pastel pencil and add a little shimmer. 

I then couldn’t help but add a die cut bow tie!
What do you think ?

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