Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year !!

Happy New Year and welcome to my blog. This will be a space for me to show you what I like to make and do and not my life story. I love to play with paper, paint, glue and scissors. I create a lot of altered art,altered books, collage, make ATCs and because I love photography, Scrapbook as well.

I am married to Andrew, a very patient and supportive man, who I don't think quite understands what I am up to most of the time with my creations but makes all the right noises at the right times! The other loves of my life are my 3 beautiful birds, a budgie called Barnaby and 2 young, very ,very tame Cockatiels called Herman and Benni, hense the arty parrot name, I am sure you will hear more about them along the way.Well thats me.I hope you will enjoy my blog and will come back now and again to add the odd comment.Thanks for looking.

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Sally said...

Hi Katrina, lovely to see you've got your blog up and running. Hope to see some of your arty creations on here shortly.