Friday, August 16, 2013

Ruby Rocket Cook collection magnetic menu board

 This is another project I have made for The Fruit Pixie using the Ruby Rocket Cook collection

      The inspiration for this came from a menu planner I saw on Pinterest. Just the thing I needed as every night hubby and I ask each other the same old question     "What shall we have for tea? " and you always get the same answer " I don't know !"  So now with this wonderful idea that question is a thing of the past................. well that's the idea! :) 
               So if you go through a similar thing then this could be the project for you, there is a step by step photo tutorial over on the Fruit Pixie website.


Sandi said...

oh what a fun way to set up the meal, love all your details, hugs

Unknown said...

That's a great idea, we need one of those, we are always scribbling it on bits of paper every week.

Unknown said...

PS - Mark wants to come over for the Honey and Lemon Chicken !! x