Saturday, April 26, 2014

Stamp storage idea

The Fruit Pixie has a lovely new stamp line, Lavinia Stamps and so I needed a way to keep my stamps together ready to be used. So I have made them a nice new home in my usual storage trick, a handmade binder using plastic CD pockets. I have used this idea so many times in the past and it still dose the trick!!

These are lovely fantasy stamps along with cute zentangle stamps. Not my usual style but there is just something about these stamps that I really like. I used some of them to make the cover, just covered cereal box card

I then stamped the images onto card and laminated them

Each card has its own CD pocket that is punched and then bound into the book with seambinding

and closed with a ribbon.

  You can find detailed instructions on the Fruit Pixie blog -

 The stamps are available from the fruit Pixie shop -


Unknown said...

Great storage idea, might have to have a go at that, and love the little stamps. x

Lisca said...

That looks great Katrina! I have quite a few stamps lying about. I would probably use them more if they were neatly in a folder. I'll put it on my to-do list....