Saturday, October 24, 2015

    Now I have been creating altered art now for many years and up until a year or so ago I thought an ATC was an Artist Trading Card, a card 2.5 x 3.5 inches which is then decorated in your style and traded with another collector. I have a great deal of these wonderful cards which are all filled away safely and treasured.

   Now though there is a new kid on the block  ( sorry )   an Artist Trading Block or Cube. This cube can be any size you like and decorated on all sides then traded with other collectors. The nice thing about these are they are easier to leave out on display and gives you a lot more space to decorate.  I have known about these cubes for a while now but have just not gotten around to making one but now I have made one for The Fruit Pixie.

I made the base of my cube from brown card stock and decorated it before I stuck the cube together.

Then used the Marion Smith Designs Time Keeper papers to cut mats for each side

and then cut out the different images with in the papers to collage over the top.

These papers make it so easy to make up our collage

There are so many lovely images to choose from and they are very easy to cut out.

I decided to make little feet for mine. I made them by cutting thin strips of the leftover paper and then rolling them up into a paper bead. I made 2 then cut them in half to form the feet.

These papers are available from The Fruit Pixie online shop -

You can find these lovely Marion Smith design papers here -

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