Tuesday, February 02, 2016

A Fetch the dog and friend

One of my Christmas presents this year was the Debbie Shore Handy Storage DVD. The first thing I just had to make was a Fetch the dog, he is just so sweet and so useful too!

I did add a couple of my own ideas though. First I added a pin cushion to the top of his saddle, I couldn't stick pins into his body, that would just be cruel!!

I also felt he needed a nose too. Being a very stylish dog he had to have a fashionable collar as well.

I was really pleased with him and took him to show my Mum. She loved him too, so I have made one for her to help her stitch up her knitting projects.

Again I added a small pin cushion on her back.

A little button nose and this time a nice big bow.

My Fetch is defiantly a male dog, I won't go into details!!! Mums is a little girl. 

They were such fun to make and as I said so useful, he sits by my machine or on the arm of the chair is I am hand sewing. There are several things I want to make from the DVD, so watch this space!

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