Friday, February 19, 2016

Today I create Magic journal page

I don't make New Years resolutions but I have sort of this year. I have decided to actually use all those art supplies I have collected over the years!! Most of them you can no longer get hold of and a couple of things I have had to throw away as they had gone rancid or dried up, which is such a shame. So far though, so good. It is nice to dig them out and play with them as they usually haven't go instructions with them any more or I cant remember why I even bought them. I am in fact really enjoying the challenge.

   So for this journal page, for The Art Journal Emporium Art journal caravan itinerary number 6, I used some of my pots of inks I bought years ago. I had forgotten how beautiful they are as they are full of Mica.

The part of the itinerary I used for this page was the challenge box, I had to use 14 circles, check, 7 horizontal lines, check, 2 wild scribbles, couldn't fit them in and a noun, check. The images I used are from this months collage sheets.

You can find out more about the Art Journal Emporium that includes the Art Journal caravan here -

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Lisca said...

Great page Katrina! Paints with mica in them are beautiful, but usually the shimmer/shine does not come out on the photo.