Saturday, March 16, 2019

Wanderlust week 9

As I have said before, hubby gave me the year long Wanderlust mixed media art journaling online course for Christmas. I am having a ball!! Each month we have a theme and the theme for March is rivers.

 Every Friday we get a full video class from different teachers. Week 9 was taught by the founder of Wanderlust Kasia Avery. The theme for the page was rivers of your heart. 

Now, I could tell you that the page just magically flowed out onto the page and some pages do. But not this one! 

We live in a world now where everyone is an expert, often without any experience. You always see the perfect end result but without hearing the fact that it took them 10 attempts to get there. 

I have been art journaling for many years and making a lot of pages but the first attempt of this page was a total disaster. In the teachers page she showed how to do an image transfer with gel medium. I had done this technique many times before but the difference this time was the fact that my gel medium, which isn’t my favourite product to be honest, had all but dried up. But I tried it anyway and of course it didn’t work so I had a horrible black smudgy mess instead.

No problem! I just glued the pages together and started again.

I worked away all day on my page but at the end of the day I hated it! The colours were all wrong and it just looked a mess. I did sleep on it but agreed the next day, it had to go!!!

So I carefully ripped one page out and glued in a replacement page. Luckily I had made my journal and I just happened to be at the end of a signature so I had enough space for it to work.

I then changed the design completely but kept the essence of the class, changed it to rivers of my life and really enjoyed making it.

So what I am trying to say is never get put off by things that don’t work or like mine are a total disaster! Just give it another go, it’s only a piece of paper at the end of the day. 

If you are interested in my rivers, the Salzach, Inn and Danube are in Austria and I was born and still live in Bristol, where the river Avon runs out into the Bristol Channel.

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