Friday, September 18, 2015

As you can tell by my latest posts for The Fruit Pixie I have been in an Asian mood of late and this time I have brought together the lovely Spellbinders Dancing lanterns die along with the papers from Far and Away and one of my Shiori dolls to make a sweet wall hanging plaque. 

For my plaque I used a wooden blank from my collection but you could use anything really that is stiff enough, or a canvas perhaps would be good.

I covered the wooden blank with a piece of the Far and Away Light blue character paper and added a border top and bottom.

I cut the Spellbinders dancing lanterns out of the Far and Away papers 6 from the Dragon Shimmer and then 4 from the Black character.

I then stuck the lanterns onto the White dragon paper and cut them out and shaped them

From 3 of the red lanterns and 2 of the red ones I just cut the middle sections of the lanterns out and then stuck then in the centre of the others using 3d foam to give a 3d look. 

I used a thin wire to string across the plaque and then up to make the hanger.

I made my origami Shiori doll from the Far and Away Lanterns shimmer paper and her Obi is from a scrap of the red dragon shimmer.

I placed her where I wanted her and arranged the lanterns around her and stuck them all down.

To finish off I cut a Chinese character on my Silhouette cameo to go in the bottom corner.

All the products, except the wooden plaque is available from The Fruit Pixie -

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