Monday, September 14, 2015

Crafting prodigy

We have not had that great a summer this year but I have manage to craft outside a few times which is always nice to do. We live next door to a lovely family who's youngest member, Megan, is 8 and likes to come and have a chat over the low fence. One afternoon I was crafting away and Megan popped up over the fence and was amazed at what I was doing, she had never come across adult crafting before and we ended up crafting together over the fence, which I have to say is not easy!!  This has bloomed into a friendship and she has become my little prodigy! We have crafted together a couple of times since, we gave up the over the fence idea in the end.

   After teaching her stamping and paper piecing, which she is amazing at, we went onto stencilling. Megan loves to collect the little rubber animals and so I had promised her we could make homes for them.

I found a nice cutting file in the Silhouette store and cut them out in white card. A great deal of thought went into who would live with who and then what they would like on their house.

Each house was painted inside and out with watercolour and then a design was stencilled on the outside with ink. The Penguin's home was stamped with snowflakes,

The whale and octopus had a wavy pattern like the sea, the cow who is looking out the window, a zigzag farm style pattern.

Monkey and elephant wanted bamboo to remind them of the jungle

and hamster just liked the pink!

They all had house numbers from book pages and a door handle of course!

We completed the houses with removable roofs so they can be played with, which we covered with scraps of scrapbook papers.

We both had great fun doing this project and you can't tell which house I did and which was Megan's works, she is quite amazing and a complete natural. No one else in her family is crafty in any way but she loves it. We will get together again soon and have a crafty afternoon, I have so many ideas!

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