Tuesday, September 08, 2015

  I have always loved Origami, I spent most of my revision time for my exams making origami animals with the paper pad rather than notes on history and commerce! I did pass my exams but also fell in love with paper folding.

   Then a few years ago I bought a kit at my local craft shop to make Shiori dolls. The trouble was the papers were so lovely I just didn't want to spoil them, so they went away in my craft cupboard but I have been in quite an oriental mood recently with all the dies and cards I have made so I dug out the kit and made one of the dolls up.

  I then remembered how well the Far and Away papers, from The Fruit Pixie, folded and so decided to make one up using them...............   Trouble is I had so much fun I couldn't just stop at one!

These are very easy to make, there are lots of instructions on the internet.

The Far and Away papers make lovely dolls. I used the scraps left over from the cards I have been making over the past few weeks

Its always nice to do something different with your papers. These make great bookmarks too.

The papers are available from the Fruit Pixie here -  http://www.thefruitpixie.co.uk/

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Lisca said...

Those dollies are gorgeous. They make good bookmarks. I did a workshop last year for the ladies of the village and they loved making them.