Thursday, November 22, 2012

Christmas heart box

 I have been playing with the Craft UK collage sheets from The Fruit Pixie for this idea.
         They come with diecut toppers and a sheet of extremely good quality cardstock that matches the toppers. I have so many ideas for what you can make with these I must remember to make some cards too.

  This little hanging heart box is easy to make. I drew a heart shape and cut it out twice. Then to make the box sides I cut a strip of card about 2 inches wide and then score 2 lines down the length of your card then fold in half horizontally to fit in the bottom of your heart. To make the point cut along the half fold to the long fold lines, fold it up and stick to one side of the heart then stick the other heart on top, add your topper and embellish. Add something to hang it up and fill it with goodies.

              Hope you like it, please visit the Fruit Pixie for lots of Christmas joy!!

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