Sunday, November 04, 2012

Phone charms are not just for phones

I have been itching to use these cute Oriental Porcelain God Beads ever since they came from The Fruit Pixie, who I am very, very proud to design for!  I love to use the phone charm clips, also available from the Fruit Pixie, to identify which memory stick is which. I have several with different thing on and it is so annoying when I want a certain digi kit to load up the stick with my collage sheets on! So they all now have their own charm.

The Inspire one was made using one of the word tiles and a couple of beads

 The 2 God bead ones made using paper beads form the scraps of the last Ruby Rocket kit which went so well with them. Andrew has claimed the red one for his stick.

 Then lastly the blue disc one which I made from the Ultra thick melt pot session a couple of months age.
 Everything to make these are available from the Fruit Pixie, they are such fun to make and have endless possibilities and places to hang then, not just on your phone!


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