Saturday, April 20, 2019

Wanderlust week 13

Wanderlust online course - week 13 - Theme Steampunk- Teacher Kasia Avery 

    New month, new theme and it’s one of my favourites Steampunk!! There are some very exciting classes this month, which might take a while to finish.

     The first class was a fun one though, our teacher is our host as well, Kasia Avey. We were given lots of fun Steampunkie images and asked to invent something in the mad scientist Steampunk style using them.

      I loved this one and had lots of fun with it. Here is my invention 

I think it’s some kind of holiday house? 

Compleate with entertainment in the form of a musical octopus who also takes the holiday snaps for your album.

If you feel you need to keep up your daily fitness training then you can take a turn on the bicycle. Which is also handy if you feel
like a change of scenery, you can then bicycle your way there.

Of course the hot air balloons have propellers so it is not to much like hard work.

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