Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween makes

I have been getting in the mood for Halloween by making cards and little books to send to my nephews.

Witch ATC

As it is Halloween this week my google group have chosen women witches as our mingle theme, always great fun to play around with old photos and witches hats !! Here's mine

Sunday, October 19, 2008

S for Suffragetts

The S challenge was shinny, a bit of a challenge for me as I don't use many shinny things. So I used gold embossing powder to form the words and around the page and slithers of mica over the picture to add some proper shine.

R for Romans

The challenge for the R page was to use rubbish or anything you would normally throw away, so the background I have had for years, it was the packaging for some Christmas cakes from M&S. The paper was a piece I almost threw away from my note book which I stained with my tea bag from my mourning cuppa. The words are cut from the TV listings book, boy was I lucky there was a character called Roman in one of the soaps at the moment! The thing that has taken literally weeks to find were the words ever and done, in the end I found them in my book pages I had taken out from a book I altered. Finally the ribbon isn't ribbon but the plastic sash that kept my hoover bags together in their box and a coke can ring pull to finish it off !!

P for photography

The P challenge was to use texture paste, so I slapped it on for the background and painted two of my Moonglow stains over the top, added the mount and photo of Miss Ruth Hanaley March 20th 1915 !

I for inventors

I have been catching up with my missing I page for my A-Z journal. I was tied to the settee with my foot up when the ink challenge was set and thought it was best saved until I was back in my craft room again, it has taken me this long to get to it !! I used the shaving foam technique using acrylic ink to make the background then stamped the inventors title and the pointing hand.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Eye Guys

the ATC theme this week in my google group altereddesigns is eyes. I was inspired by the advertising for a new TV station here in the UK to play with eyeballs and came up with these cute guys. They are totally addictive and I have loads of plans for my new friends. I think it could of been too much Pepsi and sour sweets !!!!!

Jigsaw ATC swap

I have just hosted an ATC swap on Alternative. This time we used a slightly different shape, a jigsaw shape. It was an open theme and everyone came up with fantastic cards. Here are mine

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Slider card

It was my friend Carrolls Birthday over the weekend and as she is a super doper card maker I had to think of something a bit more impressive than your normal card, so I found instructions on the net to make a slider card. I used the textured rub on kit from QVC to decorate it. I am pleased to report she was impressed with it !

Friday, October 03, 2008

Q for Queen

I have finished my Q page for my A-Z journal, P is on its way. Q was for Queen in my alphabet and the challenge was to use a quote.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Door ATC

This weeks theme in my Google group was doors, so here is my door ATC. I took the picture whilst on holiday in Sidmouth in May. I must admit I have a thing for taking pics of doors and windows so I couldn't let the door theme go by with out using one of my many door pic !

Dr Who album

My youngest nephew is a huge massive fan of Dr Who and so as a surprise day trip for his birthday we took him on the train over to Cardiff, the home of Dr Who , to the Dr Who exhibition. I am a fan of the show too but for Andrew it was just another excuse to take the camera and get some photos and of course I couldn't let a day like that go by with out making an album for him to keep to remind him of his day. Carroll had tough us how to make a Flip Flop album at the last crop and it fitted the job perfectly, along with some space paper and stickers, great photos and cute little space aliens and spaceship Quickuts. I had a great time making it and my nephew loved his present !