Saturday, May 18, 2019

New tablet cover

I have been busy on the sewing machine for the first time this year. We had bought a new tablet for hubby to keep for his photography and of course it needed a cover of some sort.

   As I have lots of off cuts of fabric I decided to make a quilted sleeve for it. 

The beautiful vintage button is from The Pixie online shop and just finished it off

The buttons are from the 1960s and can be found in the shop here

Thursday, May 09, 2019

Wanderlust week 19

Wanderlust 2019 week 19  Theme-Patterns. Teacher - Eliza Torjanowska

   Week 19 of my Wanderlust course and we were building collages boxes that showed our loves and rituals in our lives.

I had bought this little blank wooden box to do something just like that a while ago. So now was the time to do something with it.

Each box is one of my loves in life. Everything from my love of books, Austria and birds, along with others.

I have left a few boxes blank so I can collect little things to add later.

This was a really nice project to do.

I am having sooo much fun taking part in this course, can’t wait to see where the next class takes me!

Monday, May 06, 2019

Bookmark using Marion Smith Design Timekeeper papers

When I am not crafting I love to read. Because I love to craft I like to make matching bookmarks for the book I know I am going to return to again and again.

   At the moment I am reading “The Binding “ by Bridget Collins. If you haven’t seen it yet then do look it up, it is such a beautifully bound book, if you want to read it please get it in hardback if you can, you won’t be disappointed.  
I am really enjoying it too.

The other night I noticed that the key used on the dustcover of the book was very similar to the Couture Creations Lace key die that The Fruit Pixie, who I design for sells. 

So I made a matching bookmark for my book using the Couture Creations key and the beautiful Marion Smith designs Time keepers papers, also sold by The Fruit Pixie online shop.

To make the key and the die cut border, also from Couture Creations, look a bit more vintage looking I cut them both from Card I had covered with double sided sticky tape. I used the Stix 2 ultra sticky sheets but you could just used double sided tape but make sure you don’t leave any gaps.

I then after cutting the die shape I carefully removed the protective backing from the tape and then plunged them into the Cosmic Shimmer gilding flakes and then used the scrunchie foam to remove the excess. Take your time with this, especially on the detail of the border.

I used some of the waste to cut a thin strip to frame the piece of book paper.

The bookmark itself is a piece of card covered in the Marion Smith Design Timekeeper paper, I used Antique Emporium, front and back.

I cut a piece of book paper to lay behind the key.

I then added some different fibers in matching colours to finish it off.

You can find the Marion Smith Designs Timekeeper papers (double sided) in the shop here-

Couture Creations dies here-

Cosmic Shimmer gilding flakes here (I used gemstone) -

Fibres here -

I think that is everything!

Any questions please ask either below or on The Fruit Pixie Facebooks page.

So why not make a matching bookmark for your favourite book.