Saturday, August 22, 2009

Star Challenge

The challenge set by Mixed media Monday was to use stars, here is mine. I haven't done one of their challenges for ages, it was nice to take part again

Family collages

I was given a lovely old battered suitcase a while ago by my Uncle full of old photos of the family, mainly my Grandparents on my Mothers side and of course my Mum and Uncle. I wanted to have the photos on the wall but as they are all fairly small, as they were in the 1940's and 50's I decided to make 3 collages using 3 of my favourite photos to go in a 3 picture frame bought at good old Ikea! One of the ideas was copied from a page I did for my A-Z journal last year, I loved the photo of my Grandad or Pop as we called him , stood by his car. The other is my Uncle serving in the Royal Medical corps in India during the 2nd world war, for a man who gets sea sick just looking at the sea that was quite a brave thing to do and the third is one of my Nanny and Mum and Uncle Ken enjoying an ice cream on a sea side holiday. The finished frame hangs in our lounge, I can't wait to show Mum and Uncle Ken and the rest of the family!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Humorous ATCs

This weeks theme for altered designs mingle was Humorous, here are a couple I came up with, the pink one , how I feel each time I wash my hair, went in to be swapped

Thursday, August 13, 2009


This weeks theme for our ATC mingle on Altered design was eyes so I just had to make a couple more of my eye guys ! Traveling eye and Sporty eye ! Well how could I pass up an opportunity to do a couple more !!

Courage ATC

This months Lottery theme on Altered design was an ATC where you have made your own backgrounds. Here is mine, I used watercolour paper, brushed it with water and then painted H2O's on and let the red border run into the other colours. I then stamped the script stamp on top.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Bird ATC

This weeks mingle theme in my google group Altereddesign is "for the birds " here is mine


Both Sue and Sarah collect ATCs so I popped one in each for them

Thank you Sue

For Sue I have made a sign for her new exciting craft house !

Thank you Sarah

Two of my friends Sue and Sarah have both been so kind to me while I have been house bound. I have had visits, flowers, phone calls and even buns ! I wanted to thank them so I made Sarah the card from my new Cupcakecrafting CD, inside hidden away was a bookmark to match the card.

DSlite card

It was my nephew Lukes birthday at the end of last month and so I made him this DSlight card. Made from card with a shaker box for the top screen . Instead of an envelope I made a case for it out of scrapbooking paper scraps. It was a huge success, the best card I have ever made him he said !!

Welcome sign

My penfriend Trish in Australia has recently moved house and so as a house warming gift I painted her this welcome sign to hang in her new home. She loved it ! Made from grey board and painted with acrylic, scrapbooking paper scraps used for the bird houses. Her new address is Parrot court and as a parrot owner and lover like me it fitted the bill !

I'm mobile again !!!

I am back ! Out of plaster now and although still walking on crutches can get back in my craft room to play. Thank you for all the kind wishes posted here, they meant a lot. As you can see I chose purple for my second plaster, had a bright pink one to start with. Thank goodness for all my crafty things and my DS light, I think I would of gone crazy with out them.