Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fat book 13

Challenge 13 - Use gold on your page - I found a wonderful autumn image on one of my image Cd's and so used that with some loose flakes of gold leaf stuck down by PVA. I put that onto a background painted in gold, added the Autumn and it was finished.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fat Book page 11

Challenge 11 - make a monochromatic page and use a fragment of something - I had been working on a page that wasn't quite working when I watched Rufus Wainwright, one of my favourite singers, he is often on my CD player whilst I am working in my craft room. He was a guest on the Johnathan Ross show and had a fantastic broach on, a square that was encrusted with shiny bits a bobs.That gave me the idea for this page, I am sure mine, a star cut from grey board and covered with blue beads and glitter is not as expensive as his but hay I love it and liked it so much have made a smaller one to wear as a broach, this time in pink. Oh the fragment I used was a fragment of sequin waste that fitted in well and was used as a stencil to make the background too !

Fat book page 12

Challenge 12 - Use stitching on your page - There are loads of ways you can do that, using a machine or hand stitching but I loved the large flower I had bought ages ago especially this colour so I decided to use the flower to stitch on and added some beads then attached it to a page.

Friday, May 11, 2007

2nd ATC challenge

Our second ATC challenge this cyber art month was to make an ATC for the Eurovision song contest.I had no images that would help me out but lucky for me had a blinding flash of inspiration whilst doing the hoovering today and so made this ATC which fits nicely in with the theme

Good Time Girls altered cj

Book number 2 in the altered book circle journal is this one by Tree entitled "Good Time Girls " I had such great fun with this one , it is such a great theme, all you had to do is invent a character and give her a good time, which I think Mavis had, lets just hope her Mother ever found out !!

Fat book 10

Challenge 10 - Use some rubbish either found on the street or intended for the bin - As altered artists we are for ever picking up bits and bobs from the street, this time I used a bit of a Chinese newspaper I had been given and the images from the chopsticks we had at the Chinese restaurant on Monday

Fat book 9

Challenge 9 - make a shrine - I had never made a shrine before so I played with several things before deciding on using this German scrap metal one.I had to cut it down a bit to fit on the 4x4 page.Then I had the problem of getting a door to fit, again I played with several things before settling on a velum one with a brad handle.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

ATC challenge- International workers day

As well as the fat book challenges we are given an ATC challenge each week. The first was to celebrate International workers day. Here is mine, I wanted to keep it simple as the picture was so great. I don't know how they did it ?!

Challenge 8

challenge 8 - Use something unusual on your page - I had kept a roll of camera film when one didn't load in to the camera ages ago and so chose to use that.The problem was getting it flat, after trying several things I heated it and that worked like magic.The film said Hollywood and I just happened to have a picture of Ava Gardner on a image disc , she fitted perfectly.

Fat book challenge 7

Challenge 7 - pull apart a magazine and use only what you find on your page - I had to beg an old Gardeners World magazine from Andrew for this, poor chap, his stamps, the last of his apples for challenge 6 and now his magazines ! I was lucky to find this great picture and an article about the sweet pea growers and so could make up this for challenge 7

Fat book challenge 6

I have been spending today catching up with my fat book challenges.

Challenge 6 - Use a apple or pear to make a print - which I did after painting a background with watercolours.It was also Sigmond Freud's birthday on May 6th and so I found one of his quotes " Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar " and tweaked it a little to fit my page, sure he won't mind.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

challenge 5

challenge 5 - tear book pages to create a tropical page. This was great fun too, once you got into it the tearing was quite easy and of course I couldn't have a tropical page without a parrot !!!

challenge 4

Challenge 4 -Use as many postage stamps to create a page. My hubby collects stamps so I had a great advantage and could rummage through his box of stamps I was aloud to use and find a collection of bird stamps so I could create a tribute page to those pigeons who passed messages back and forth in WW1. The Pigeon post

Challenge 3

As it was National Scrapbook day challenge 3 was a joke at scrapbookers expense, sorry , to use a scrapbook sketch to create an altered page. So where my windows are should have been 2 photos and the HOME should of been the title.

challenge 2

Challenge 2 - Create an art doll. Here he is, with a half flower for hair, a token for a head, stamped postage tag as a body, safety- pin arms and nib legs, great fun to make !

Fat book challenge 1

Each day of the Alternative cyber art month we are being given a challenge, with that challenge we then produce a 4x4 inch page and at the end of the month we will then have 31 pages we can bind together to make a little fat book. So far I have completed 5 of the challenges and here they are -

Challenge 1 - May 1st is Beltane day and so we had to create a background and burn the edge ( for the Beltane fires ) the add a image of a woman as the fires are to increase fertility. My background was made by crumpling up the card, smoothing it out and rubbing over Ranger distressing ink, several colours, spraying with water and then ironing dry.

Title page

The other class I took was a sketch class and so got the title page done for my album for the holiday in October, just have to get the other pages done now !!

First digi scrapbook layout

During UKscrappers cybercrop they ran a digi layout class.It is one thing with scrapbooking I have never done so I was keen to have a go.Here is my first attempt, I enjoyed it and the class was very good but I think I will stick to paper and glue in future. The photos were taken last October in Austria whilst on holiday with my Austrian penfriend Susi.

May ATC challenge

During the month of May on Alternative there is to be a cyber art month with challenges and classes through out the month. To get us in the mood we had to make and then swap an ATC , the theme was May. As soon as I read the challenge the rhyme " here we go gathering nuts in May " but whats nuts can you gather in May ? So my artistic take on that rhyme was this !