Monday, October 26, 2009

Witchey Poo doll

This year I wanted to make a witch doll, here she is, complete with broom stick made form branches from the garden and her black cat Spells.

I made the dolls body from a pattern from the net but the dress I made up myself, the first time I have ever done such a thing, have made lots of things from patterns but never cut one myself, so on the whole it turned out well.

I think she is a fan of Strictly come dancing, on in the UK at the moment, with all her sequins around her dress, I am sure this Saturday on Halloween she with be Tangoing around the bone fire with all her witchy friends and if they can't dance then I am sure they have a spell for that!!

Cup cake caed

It was my sisters birthday on Saturday and here is the card I made for her with Hero Arts stamps, they looked good enough to eat! Hope you had a great day Teresa!

Surf shack sign

My sister bought a summer house for the bottom of the garden for my nephews to use as a den, they have decorated it out in soft vintage surfing colours so I decided to make them a sign to hang in their window. Of course they didn't make it easy as they wanted a sign they could change to show when they where in and when they were out !

I used grey board , painted and stamped it then added a hibiscus flowers to give it the tropical island feel. I also decorated the back so when it was hung up you had something to look at. I was pleased with the result and they loved it too.