Tuesday, March 01, 2011

First steps in Art Journaling

I have wanted to start an art journal for years but as I can't draw and don't buy any girly mags I thought it would be hard to start. I didn't feel the need to have a journal to express my feelings and don't lead an exciting life BUT I love to play with paint, images and lettering so I knew it would be perfect for me but where to start. I then stumbled across a E course called Between the lines which showed you how to journal in a way that I liked the look of and wasn't too expensive. I have been slowly working through it, the great thing is I can work at my own speed so I can work on other projects too, and have completed these pages I am really pleased with. I am loving it, at first I copied hers, but now I am beginning to get the confidence to start to try my own thing while working on my page. Well here are my first couple of pages.


trisha too said...

These pages are wonderful--the bright colors are so appealing!


Emy said...

This looks great :)